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nicoichi ~ it is the wonderful word meaning “two becomes one”
In the brand name “nicoichi” has not only the meaning of two becomes one but also from the thought that existence of oneself comes from the existence of another person.

Collaborate with overseas designers for the theme of design that is “Japan from overseas perspective”. After trial and error, we finally created a new design of chopsticks that nobody could have accomplished.

“Nicoich” which plays across between real and surreal. Reached over the concept of traditional chopsticks, nicoichi has the full of our thought to create the chopsticks to be loved not only in Japan but around the world.

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New sense of design and shape

A pair of chopsticks made by cutting a single elongated square natural material. The original shape before cutting will revive when you join them again. The moment of surprise and impression is superb when they become one again.

It is not only the expression of traditional Japanese aesthetics Wabi-sabi, yet it also has utility as a cutlery such as “scooping”, “pinching”, “cutting” etc.

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The technology of woodwork as a traditional Japanese craftmanship has been honed from experiencing challenges over the years. To create two contrastive shapes of chopsticks in a single cut was accomplished by superior technology.

Then the lacquer craftsman from Kagawa prefecture carefully and methodically painted one by one to finish with the technique of urushi lacquer application well known as traditional Japanese craft. As well as the beauty of design, it is also excellent in function such as waterproof, heatproof and bacteria-proof.

nicoichi completed by transforming traditional chopsticks is certainly expressing the way of Japanese new culture.

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Click here for more details to know about BO PROJECT chopsticks

Click here for more details to
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